I looked around my extended family to see the health conditions that are most prevalent, high cholesterol came as the number one especially among the older folks. Some are on Statin drugs and other totally paranoid about eating any fatty foods at all. The food industry has monopolised on people’s fear dishing out fat-free this and cholesterol-free that, without warning about what they’ve done to the food to reduce or remove the fat, and the fact that the body require some fat.

People are not taught the fact that though ‘high’ cholesterol is harmful, it doesn’t mean that cholesterol is bad. The body also needs a reasonable amount of cholesterol for some important body functionalities. Discussing these benefits are vitally important.

Cholesterol Helps To Prevent Hemorrhagic Stroke: There are two types of stroke; The Ischaemic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. The Ischaemic stroke is connected with lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke is connected with rupture of a blood vessel in the brain and bleeding. Cholesterol helps to control hemorrhagic stroke.

Cholesterol Is Needed For Memory: When the body lacks cholesterol, the brain stands a risk of memory loss in midlife. Statin drugs are used to prevent the free production of cholesterol, whereas, it affects the brain. Taking cholesterol reasonably also helps the brain’s functionality.

Cholesterol Fights Infection: Research has found that a cholesterol-rich diet immunises patients from tuberculosis, researchers, therefore, suggests that cholesterol should be used as a balancing measure in anti-tubercular treatment.

Cholesterol Is An Anti-Aging Agent: The chromosome that prevents DNA damage connected to cellular aging was found to be abundantly present in high LDL and total cholesterol levels. This helps in longevity and anti-aging. Some studies have shown that lower cholesterol is associated with increased mortality.

Cholesterol Helps To Prevent Aggression: low serum cholesterol levels are connected with regular violent tendencies of people under the influence of alcohol. In the central nervous system, one of the functions of serotonin is to suppress harmful behaviour impulses, but low membrane cholesterol reduces the number of serotonin receptors. A number of researches have revealed that cholesterol-lowering drugs contribute to irritability and aggression.

Did you know that cholesterol is also important for healthy living, healthy and substantial amount of cholesterol should be integrated into our diet to provide the above-mentioned cholesterol’s significant health benefits.

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